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Four Dresses Done

Starting to get settled in again, but today is the first time I was able to hook a single loop since I got back. And I am having so much fun translating these little dresses into hooking exercises. When I came up with the idea for the piece, I did a quick sketch and figured out which dresses would best translate into which style. And so far, the early ideas seem to be working.

Here's an in-progress picture. And a little blurb about the order in which I did them, and what I did:

Bottom Left:

The stripes on the dress are appliqued. But they are so small, I used thread instead of floss to attach them - no room for fancy stitches. The white hooked around them is polar fleece.

Bottom Right:

The circles in this dress are quillies. The hooking around them is 8-cut wool, which I had to hook quite high in order to be the same height to the quillies. I haven't done too many of these in my hooking life and still need some practice in getting them to feel good and secure. I spent some tim…

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